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I was the little, curly-haired redhead who dreamed of a pair of red shoes… shiny, red, patent leather slip-ons with a small black heel and a gleaming gold buckle on top. The shoes caught my eye from the window of the shoe store our family frequented and were a huge departure from the requisite, dull, ugly, brown, lace-up Bobby Browns my sister and I were made to wear because “they are good for your feet”. I finally won the red shoes battle which would became a sort-of metaphor for the many battles I would fight in my life. The battle to find a job after graduating high school in an over-crowded employment market led me to study for, and receive, my Real Estate license, resulting in a sponsorship and job with a local broker. Following three years of University, the job market had improved little. However, a close friend and editor saw some talent in my writing and offered me a position with her newspaper, as junior reporter, which I parlayed into ad sales and promotion writing and learning every aspect of the pre- desktop publishing industry. The twists and turns of young adult life did not see me married with eight children, living a “back-to-the-earth” life in Canada’s North as I had anticipated in the many years previous. Instead, I found myself following my mentor’s lead, making a career in the community newspaper industry, taking on the Editorship of two of the same company’s small-town papers. That brings my life to present-day, living a quiet life in a small, rural farming community on Canada’s Atlantic coast, playing Grandmother to three amazing little boys, having battled a severe stroke which ended concurrent careers as an Election Returning officer, and as a Customer Service Rep for a large communications company. That battle, close to complete, has lead me back to my first love – writing.


  We’re taught to tell the truth from a very early age. There is even a Commandment stating “Thou shall not lie” and a further commandment stating “though shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour”, which translates into, you … Continue reading

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The importance of strength comes more from its origin than its definition

What is strength? I use the word frequently. It is in my blog tagline and pops up regularly in my blog text, but, what of the word? Do we use the word correctly? Do we even have a good handle … Continue reading

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Destroying a very important relationship in my early adulthood and consequently, having to deal with the realities that followed, was the first time in my life I experienced total emotional devastation. I felt an intense achy emptiness in what is … Continue reading

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This post is dedicated to my friend, Alnoor, and all of you who are trying against what seems like impossible odds to stand tall against the various food industries to make a better life for yourselves and your families. Attempting … Continue reading

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“Stand up straight. Stand tall” Those words echo in my head from decades ago. They are the words of my mother, as she watched her eldest daughter sprout up, towering over her own petite 5’2” frame. I knew what she … Continue reading

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